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Heyho! You can buy an ESNCard every Monday during our weekly Pubnight at Boho, from 21 on!

The price for it is 10 euro.

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As an ESNCard holder you can enjoy tons of discounts and promotions both here in Heidelberg and traveling around Europe

Erasmus in Heidelberg

Tips and suggestions for a perfect Erasmus

Heidelberg offers you a soothing and rejoicing dive into the pleasurable emotions…

…say it again?

…an experience that you can avail once in a lifetime, unforgettable expeditions, activities whose thoughts are just enough to give you collywobbles


…AND the mesmerizing beauty of the Heidelberg castle. A romantic getaway to your heart awaits here, with adventures that are just the cherry on the cake.

YOU SAID CAKE?! I’m on my way there!

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All you have to do to get started is coming to one of our meetings, taking place every Monday at 19:30 in Sandgasse, 7 – right next to the Central Library in the Altstadt

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